Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Review: Love Edy

Love Edy by Shewanda Pugh is the story of an African American girl and an Indian boy who are raised together by their intellectual parents. Now in high school Edy realizes that she is in love with her best friend but she knows that they can't be because he has been promised in an arranged marriage. Now they are trapped by Culture and the wishes of parents who don't understand their own children.

I really liked this book. The concept of arranged marriage is not one that I have seen explored in books with the slant of one party being raised in the U.S. and the differences in cultures that are explored here. We also find the teens dealing with typical clique drama at school and with being ignored at home by parents who are more concerned with their careers. Shewanda Pugh has also written a sequel to this book titled Bittersweet and it is definitely on my must read list because Love Edy ended with a cliffhanger.

I gave this book 3/5 because the progression and character building was a little slow and was the majority of this book. I would recommend it as a read because the ending draws you in.


  1. I have friends from India who were arranged to marry at the age of 5. They have been married for 15 years and have two children. They are surprisingly very happy. This sounds like an interesting read.

    1. I think arranged marriages can work if both individuals is willing to work at the partnership because I believe that marriage is truly a partnership. I also took some time to read Bittersweet, the sequel to this book, and the reason behind the arranged marriage is revealed and I was not expecting the reason. You should read them both if you have a chance.