Review Policy

I love to receive books for review from Publishers and Authors. I do read books from independent authors as well so feel free to email me about reviewing your book. I accept ARC copies and finished books but would prefer for ARCs to be in a fairly finished form. I would hate to poorly review a book simply based on poor editing. I have seen this before and think its a shame because the writer is clearly talented.

Any review that I write will be an honest review. But with that in mind I will not "Bash" a book. I will contact you if I choose to not write the review and list the reasons why. If those reasons can be rectified then we can try again.

I do retain the right to the final decision of whether I will review a book or not. There are several reasons that I might deny a review but I will provide a detailed reason if this occurs. Thanks in advance for respecting my decisions.

Please allow at least one or two months for a review because I do have a day job. I also try to spend some time with the book in order to give a fair review after reading.

Email Address:

Books I will not Review:
- Childrens Book
- Non-fiction

My Personal Reading Preference:
- Young Adult
- Urban Fiction
- Paranormal
- Fantasy
- Romance

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