Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Review: Wallbanger

So off the top I really thought this book was going to be an erotica selection. I mean come on look at that cover!
The person that recommended this book to me did so after a discussion about reading 50 Shades of Grey (which I tried but really, really didn't like so I immediately DNF'd the entire series). So I went into this book with the expectation of Sex, Sex, and more Sex. 

Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton wow'ed me. This book would be best called a romantic comedy. I spent so much time amused and outright laughing that I know the people who were around me while I was reading this book probably thought I was losing my mind. 
Caroline had reached a point in her life where she is tired of dating and has found that place that I think all women should visit in their lives where they are completely comfortable with their own company. Dining out alone, taking trips solo, and enjoying solo activities without the need for companionship. Feeling upwardly mobile she moves into her boss's old apartment which is any single girls dream. Only to find out that her neighbor is a gigolo with a Harem of women that he entertains. And the worst part? 
They share a bedroom wall.
What ensues is hilarity! 
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, funny read that will definitely have you laughing out loud! This book gets 5/5 stars because it was definitely unexpected but in a very good way. I just couldn't put the book down. I finished this book in one day and Alice Clayton has been added to my author watch list. I will definitely be reading more of what she has to write.

Have you read a book that was totally not what you thought it was going to be or had a friend recommend a really good read that you wouldn't otherwise have read?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon

Sorry I haven't been around in a awhile. But life and this book interceded. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason was written in the 20s but has very good principles that apply not only in ancient Babylon, but the 1920's, and today. Part of my resolution for this year was to eliminate my consumer debt and start thinking differently about money. One of the key concepts in this book are described as the Seven Cures and the Five Laws of Gold.

This infographic from accurately breaks down the general rules that are outlined in the book. I would definitely suggest the reading of this book to anyone who is looking to learn how to manage their on finances. The Parables taught in this book make the break down and usage of your salary seem highly simple.

Definitely a 4/5 star read for me. The only negative I have is the copy I read contained a study guide that broke up the flow of the book. Otherwise the book itself was excellent.

Have you guys read any financial books that have taught you some life lessons?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: Marrying the Marine by Sabrina Sims McAfee

"Criminal Investigator Braylon Wexler has arrived in Hilton Head Island to dutifully serve his country on Paris Island Military base. As soon as he arrives the calm he's been longing for is pleasantly shattered by the tantalizing stormy presence of Sandella Summers. She is an unexpected surprise that stirs a hot longing in him, like a hot poker through blazing coals.

Sandella Summers is perfectly happy with baking her pies, her life is simple and pleasing, just the way she likes it. But her contentment is interrupted by the appearance of Braylon Wexler, a seductive and arrogant Marine, not her typical choice in a man.

Sandella holds a secret to her heart, slowing Braylon down in his quest to win her over. But Braylon excites Sandella in ways she never thought possible. Braylon is a man of honor and he’s determined to not only to win her heart, but bring her family to closure of a deeply rooted conflict.

As danger and menace ensue the two lovers, can they make peace with the past and truly let love heal? Will Braylon risk his heart and his life to get everything he wants?"

So it has been awhile since I have read a romance novel and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. In Marrying the Marine Braylon and Sandella fall in love in secret while she is taking care of his Uncle Royce who has Downs syndrome. Sandella's father Kane is against all Marines because it is rumored that a Marine killed his wife, Sandella's mother. Kane is fanatical in his hate for Marines and even buys Sandella a gun to kill any marine that might try to harm her. Braylon vows to Kane that he will leave Sandella alone and not date her until he find the person who killed her mother.

After many twist and turns Braylon finds the killer and he and Sandella are able to resume their relationship with the blessing of her family. Unfortunately something, or should I say someone, from Braylons past comes and throws another monkey wrench in their relationship.

Overall this was an excellent read, and very quick at 243 pages. I read this book on breaks at work and during my daily reading hour at home. It was great to read about romance conquering all and reading a stand alone book instead of the series that I have been reading so far. The book is part of a series but is only tied to the others through the theme of marriage, there may also be some cameos but I haven' t read any of those books.
I gave this book 4/5 stars and that was only because of the predictable elements that are kind of the hallmarks of most romance novels. A great read that I would recommend for a day at the beach or at the spa.

Have you guys read any romance novels lately, if so what are they?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Book review: Tainted Blood

" After surviving a vampire assassin (not to mention an awkward affair with a hot FBI agent that ended worse than she could have imagined), witch/vampire hybrid Nina Martinez is reunited with the full Blood Ops team in Providence, Rhode Island. Her Aunt Babe is tutoring her in all things witchcraft, and her vampire partner Frankie is enjoying the benefits of daywalking, courtesy of a demon spell.
When a segment of the Rhode Island vampire population is marked for death by a tainted blood supply, Nina and her team race to find Patient Zero before the local vampire population is wiped out. But when a demon infestation threatens to take control of the city, Nina must join forces with newly elected mayor- and closet demon- Ami Bertrand before the city falls into ruin"

I received a copy of Tainted Blood in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. I really dislike not reading a series from the beginning so I obtained a copy of Hell's Belle so my reading and my review would be in context for the series. Tainted Blood is the second book in the Hell's Belle series. 
Nina the main character and witch/vampire hybrid is out with her partner Frankie, a 700 year old vampire, when they come across a group of Vampires, called Beta Vampire because or their small fangs which makes it impossible for them to feed off human donors, who are sick with a disease that Frankie hasn't seen in a number of years. The sickness causes the Vamps to regurgitate blood and then explode. The tainted blood is deadly to any vampire that comes in contact with it, including Nina. Nina is also called upon by Mayor Bertrand to babysit her cousin, Matty, who is a rock star and Beta vampire. Matty's band has experienced strange riots and behaviors from the fans after the concerts. 

I really enjoyed the concept of a vampire/witch hybrid and found myself rooting for Nina to figure out how to balance the two sides of her nature. There is also a small love triangle between Nina, Frankie, and FBI agent Max. The reason I say small is because Nina and Max had a hot moment that really didn't go anywhere. So as you can tell I am definitely Team Frankie and I hope that they get their time. 

Overall I would recommend this book for a read. I gave this book 3/5 stars and my reasons for this are all the loose ends in this book. Without giving spoilers some of the elements were thrown in and made no real sense to the overall plot line of the story. I hope they are addressed later in the series but based on my reading from the first book in the series I don't feel like that is going to happen. Its definitely a series that I will continue reading and I can see an improvement in the writing between the two books. So I have high hopes for the rest of the series.