Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon

Sorry I haven't been around in a awhile. But life and this book interceded. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason was written in the 20s but has very good principles that apply not only in ancient Babylon, but the 1920's, and today. Part of my resolution for this year was to eliminate my consumer debt and start thinking differently about money. One of the key concepts in this book are described as the Seven Cures and the Five Laws of Gold.

This infographic from theBillionairesBrain.com accurately breaks down the general rules that are outlined in the book. I would definitely suggest the reading of this book to anyone who is looking to learn how to manage their on finances. The Parables taught in this book make the break down and usage of your salary seem highly simple.

Definitely a 4/5 star read for me. The only negative I have is the copy I read contained a study guide that broke up the flow of the book. Otherwise the book itself was excellent.

Have you guys read any financial books that have taught you some life lessons?

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