Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book review: Dead Heat

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs is the newest installment in the Alpha and Omega series. I love Patricia Briggs and by far my favorite series is the Mercy Thompson series that is also in this universe with Mercy being the foster child of Charles' father Bran.

I like the concept of the Spin off from Mercy but I am beginning to believe that Ms. Briggs is just not as in love with this storyline and evidenced by the writing.

Dead Heat opens with Charles and Anna having a conversation about the possibility of having a baby and other options for them to conceive like surrogacy. We then take a wild ride where Charles goes to visit and old friend and buy Anna a horse for her birthday. A fae targets the family of Charles' friend and he and Anna must find and stop the fae before it kidnaps the children.

Now here comes the Spoiler!!!!!!!!!

At no point during the course of the book do they talk about having kids again, although Anna does think about it when she catches glimpses of Charles interacting with the children. Then at the end of the book Charles tells her he would be ok with Adoption!!!!
Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against adoption and even thought it might be an option at the beginning of the book though they didn't discuss it. Then I thought they might run into an orphan were-child and adoption would come up then. But to bring adoption up at the end of the book with no supporting writing anywhere in the book just felt like Charles was copping out and left me with very mixed feelings.
All of the Alpha and Omega books feel rushed to me, you have all this intricate descriptions of horses and the stables and the landscape, but only spare about 2 paragraphs to tie up loose ends at the end of the book, instead of fleshing them out correctly.

Overall I gave this book 3/5, and that is only because the main storyline was concluded and left room for building of the series without leaving the reader wanting from this book. I will say it could have been better and I hope she doesn't let this carry over into the Mercy Thompson novels.

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