Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: Curse Unbroken

So here we go back into the Weird Girl World, and boy am I excited. This novel mark the last book in the Celia Wird story line and you know I have been wanted to hear more from the other sisters for a while. Especially Em but the next sister to get some time will be Taran and I think that she is in a good place in the story line to become the main character. In Curse Unbroken we find the supernatural community in search of a stone with a mind of its own. This stone grants wishes and everyone is trying to get their hands on it before the bad guys do and they want the wishes for themselves. That is everyone but Celia.

I really liked that Celia did not believe that the stone, Shah, was a tool to be used. Because the stone had obtained a sentient thought pattern and just wanted to be treated with respect. This is important these days because as humans we forget that everyone and everything is deserving of respect. When we forget that we end up not getting all that we could get from being respectful.

Overall I gave this book a 5/5. Cecy Robson reminded me what I liked about this series and neatly fixed the dilemmas in Celia's storyline and created the bases for the continuation of the Weird Girls series and Taran's story in specifically.

Definitely a great read, Let me know if you have read this book and what you thought about the end of Celia's Story.

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